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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Actually Arrested Someone!

During a 6 day sweep, officials from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department actually managed to arrest nearly 200 illegal aliens in (honestly a surprise) the New England area. Who would think that one of the most liberal parts of the country would have such an operation? I would have expected the Southwestern states.

According to the AP story:

Those arrested had served time in prison or jail for a wide range of crimes, including attempted murder, rape, child molestation and arson, authorities said.

Many illegal immigrants aren't immediately deported after serving time because local officials fail to notify federal authorities of the convicts' release.
It is about time these people were arrested. They ought to have been rounded up and deported long before they could commit these crimes. And technically, I don't believe someone can be an "immigrant" if one has entered a country illegally. One of my biggest pet peeves, other than illegal aliens, is the way the MSM constantly refers to these lawbreakers as illegal "immigrants" in stories and reports. They aren't immigrants. The people who came through Ellis Island were immigrants. These people are criminals and need to be sent home immediately.