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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Items of Interest

Via Drudge: the "Christian Peace activists" who were being held by the insurgents in Iraq have been RESCUED by US and British troops, the same ones these people accuse of being occupiers. Story here. And here is what the ungrateful wretches said in their press statement:

“We pray that Christians throughout the world will, in the same spirit, call for justice and for respect for the human rights of the thousands of Iraqis who are being detained illegally by the U.S. and British forces occupying Iraq.
And I pray that these "Christians" will recognize that they ought to have died at the violent hands of those insurgents, but that the Good Lord worked through the blessed hands of the US and British military personnel, who have already so graciously saved and liberated millions and millions and millions of oppressed people, to save their sorry asses. We should ship them straight back.

Michelle Malkin has a lot more. As does Church and State (and here).

Angel at Woman Honor Thyself has some great posts up, including: a link to send supportive messages to the troops and HillarY on JesuS. Go visit!

I'm no John McCain fan. Indeed, I belong to the blogroll Blogs for McCain's Opponent, the first blogroll I ever joined. Have a look at this post about the "Maverick." Conservative Outpost has McCain Goes Hunting the Establishment.

Stop the ACLU has this post up: Condi Steps Up For Abdul Rahman. You can read more about this Christian Afghani who is on trial for converting from Islam here and here. More from Church and State here.

Mark Levin says:

Last night on my radio show, I spoke at some length about the plight of Afghan citizen Abdul Rahman, who is facing the death penalty for the crime of converting from Islam to Christianity. (A recent news report suggests that the prosecution will now claim Rahman is mentally impaired, which might result in the government dropping the death penalty). I observed that the vast majority of soldiers who liberated the 25 million Muslims living in Afghanistan were Christian; the vast majority of soldiers presently protecting the young Afghan democracy from Taliban and al-Qaeda terrorists are Christian; and through it all many brave soldiers, most of whom are Christian, died in these efforts.

I was and remain a staunch advocate for this war. But one thing we've apparently not conveyed to our Afghan allies is that an essential element of democracy is tolerance — tolerance for differing views and practices. Our soldiers, most of whom are Christian, did not die so their faith could be put on trial.

In another post, Mark asks Is Mexico a failed experiment in democracy? and notes: Perhaps the same media that have already written off Iraq's young democracy might want to look south." Follow the link to look at a report about it.

NRO's Media Blog looks at the Jennifer Loven-obivously Liberal article about President Bush's apparent use of straw man arguments every other sentence here. Ok, so he doesn't really, but if one reads Jennifer Loven's article, one certainly assumes it to be truth! I wrote a long post about it on Sunday.

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