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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"Freedom must become a reality for all Iranians."

This past weekend, there was an Iran Freedom Concert at, of all places, Harvard University. Last week I posted about it here.

According to the organizers, the concert was a smashing success.

Here is what one of them, Roheet Shah, e-mailed:
Co-hosted by students at Harvard University and the Hands Across the Mideast Support Alliance (HAMSA, a project of the American Islamic Congress), the concert aimed to promote the message that "civil rights must be respected by any Iranian government, and freedom must become a reality for all Iranians."

The concert was an outstanding success, and was covered by major news organizations. Please click here to read an article by the Boston Globe about the concert.

To see pictures and video clips of the concert, please visit: http://iranfreedomconcert.com/event.htm

Our work, however, is not yet done. We are trying to bring the message and success of this concert to as many people as possible. We are especially trying to reach as many people currently inside Iran as possible, and let them know of this event.
You can sign their "petition in solidarity with the Iranian student movement" here.