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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Obama's Support for Infanticide

I'm just going to post this video of Gianna Jesson, who SURVIVED AN ABORTION 31 years ago. Lots more information on Obama's support of what is INFANTICIDE at Hot Air.

I do not understand how anyone, anyone could support the heinous and horrible practice of abortion, but to support partial birth abortion and deny babies born after botched abortions any treatment OR LIFE takes an special sort of evil. We elect people to government to protect our lives. Without life, then there is nothing else (but God). What sort of person votes against protecting life? Against helping someone who is hurt and needs medical treatment? If anyone dares suggest that illegal aliens should not be given endless medical treatment when they aren't paying for it, that person is called a racist, a classist, and screeched at for denying people their rights. And yet, those same people calling names and screeching don't see any problem with brutally murdering babies and then euthanizing those who survive the torture. God save their souls.

Further, I don't know how anyone who claims to love children could support someone who supports killing babies.

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