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"Jane was firm where she felt herself to be right." -Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Friday, August 29, 2008

I am SO excited!

John McCain just picked Pro-Life, NRA-Member Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice-Presidential Candidate! News here.

I like WHO she is, as opposed to the fact that she is a woman. I am looking forward to hearing more from her, watching her debate Joe Biden, and joining her in taking on the Left.

Plus, which is really stupid, but I want to mention it, I really like how she does her hair! lol

More importantly: She is Pro-Life. Her newest child was born with Down's Syndrome, something we don't often see these days. Women would rather kill such babies than allow such loveable people to survive, which is tragic. She's pro-military. Her oldest son joined the Army 11 September 2007 and this coming 11 September will be deployed to Iraq. She's a patriot. She's a Christian. She's a mother. She's a hunter. She's smart. She's talented. She's a Conservative.

I watched her speech earlier today and thought she came across as intelligent, confident (but not bitchy, as Hillary comes across) and strong, tough, and genuine, but at the same time warm and friendly. She's just what we need.

I had not decided what I was going to do on 4 November, if I was going to vote for John McCain (very reluctantly) or if I was just not going to vote for President.

McCain's pick of Sarah Palin has convinced me he is willing to listen to those of us who are Conservatives. I will be voting for John McCain and Sarah Palin on 4 November!

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