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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Leave Them To Their Stupidity

I'm really sick of people refusing to take responsibility for themselves. And then, something like Hurricane Katrina hits and they come crying to us, demanding money, demanding we take care of them.

If you aren't going to be responsible for your own safety, then don't whine to us.

AP: Poll: Coast not ready for hurricanes---

MIAMI - Most people along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts still lack a hurricane survival plan and don't feel vulnerable to storms, despite Katrina's dramatic damage and pleas from emergency officials for residents to prepare before the season starts, according to a poll released Thursday.
[. . .]
Nevertheless, 53 percent of those surveyed in 18 Atlantic and Gulf Coast states say they don't feel that they are vulnerable to a hurricane, or to related tornadoes and flooding, according to the Mason-Dixon poll.

Eighty-eight percent said they had not taken any steps to fortify their homes, and 45 percent still believed the old wives' tale that masking tape helps keeps windows from shattering during hurricanes.

Here's a thought: if you live in an area that is easily hit by massive storms and winds (aka hurricanes), find your brains and set up a plan. Or else, don't bother crying to us. We have dealt with enough stupidity from your part of the country. Time to be responsible and American.

If you haven't got a clue as to what to do, try visiting the National Hurricane Survival Initiative.

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