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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


WHO isn't doing what's right for America?

The answer would be President George W. Bush and the United States Congress.

But guess who the President is blaming?


As in WE THE PEOPLE of the United States.

That's right (and he's wrong).

AP: Bush Attacks Immigration Deal Opponents---

GLYNCO, Ga. (AP) - President Bush attacked opponents of an immigration deal Tuesday, suggesting they "don't want to do what's right for America."
Perhaps he ought to look in a mirror! WE want to do what is right FOR America. WE want to enforce our laws. WE want to retain our National Sovereignty and National Identity. WE want to make sure that the United States of America does not vanish from the earth.

To the contrary, President Bush and his Open Borders friends want to do what is wrong for America. They don't want to enforce our laws. They don't really care about our National Sovereignty and National Identity. They don't care if the USA vanishes from the earth, as long as people who have illegally entered our country are taken care of with our hard-earned money. They don't care that many, many, many people want to come here and are trying to do it the legal way, but are being slapped in the face by those who invade our borders and are being rewarded.

"The fundamental question is, will elected officials have the courage necessary to put a comprehensive immigration plan in place," Bush said against a backdrop of a huge American flag.
Courage??? Courage is standing firm in the face of anarchy, which is essentially what this bill will produce. These people who have illegally entered our country will not have to follow our laws or the rules, but rather will be rewarded and given whatever they want. Why stop at citizenship? Why don't we just give them all great houses, fast cars, and unlimited credit cards?

The fundamental question is, will our ELECTED "representatives," who are supposed to be doing our bidding, have the courage necessary to put the United States of America first? Or will they join the side of Open Borders?

He described his proposal—which has been agreed to by a bipartisan group of senators—as one that "makes it more likely we can enforce our border—and at the same time uphold the great immigrant tradition of the United States of America."
The "great immigrant tradition of the United States of America" is about legality, about patriotism to the USA, about assimilating and becoming AMERICANS, not about breaking in, taking over, and forcing us to become a part of Mexico, which is essentially what is happening.

And how exactly does giving those who illegally broke in citizenship make it more likely we will/can enforce our border? Are we putting the potential new citizens on Border Patrol? Are they going to be standing guard?

"A lot of Americans are skeptical about immigration reform, primarily because they don't think the government can fix the problems," Bush said.

"And my answer to the skeptics is: give us a chance to fix the problems in a comprehensive way that enforces our border and treats people with decency and respect. Give us a chance to fix this problem. Don't try to kill this bill before it gets moving," Bush told students and instructors at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.
The government can't fix problems! If you think it can, you must be a Liberal! The government really only ever creates bigger problems.

And why should we give anyone a chance to fix the problems with new laws? What is wrong with the old ones? If properly applied, they would certainly enforce our borders and people are treated with exceptional decency and respect, even those who have broken our laws and treated us with no decency or respect.

This just makes me sick. This illegal immigration rewards bill is being forced down our throats by the man we worked so hard to get into office. I am just about done with President George W. Bush and the Republican Party. Why should we continue to support someone who not only wants us to support a monstrosity of a bill but then insults us when we have questions and very legitimate concerns?

Show US some respect. We deserve more respect than anyone who has broken into our country.
I wash my hands of all this weirdness.

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