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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Victims, generosity, and gratitude (or the lack thereof)

From Right Truth:

Victimhood seems to be the word for the day. Illegal aliens are victims, blacks are victims, Muslims are victims, ... you get the idea. Americans try to help everybody they can here and around the world. To whom much is given, much is expected, ... so we are glad to lend a had to those in need. But need and greed are two different things. Being a victim and wanting special treatment are not the same. And is it too much to expect a little gratitude for what we do?

One example is the new immigration bill, which in my opinion is a complete sham. Listening to the illegal aliens being interviewed on television was a real eye-opener. They don't like the bill, they don't want anything required of them. Illegals don't want to pay $5,000. Aliens don't want to go home, or touch back, in order to get their Z-visas. (a/k/a E-Z-visas) They want citizenship and they want it now. Not grateful for what is being offered, they want more.

How about a little appreciation and gratitude, in the form of assimilation? Go see the images and article at Ironic Surrealism

The Conservative Constitutionalist points out that it may be legal American citizens and illegal aliens who are the real victims of the new immigration bill, -- when we get hit with another terrorist attack by someone who slipped across the border.

Legal Americans feel "that NONE OF US will have a say in the final solution" to illegal aliens, according to The Bill-T Blog. We call, fax, email, snail-mail .. is anybody really listening? Rastaman thinks it's "because corporations are now running America and the corporations have decided that they want a lot of cheap labor from Mexico."

Hillbilly has a link to the full immigration bill if you want to go read it (pdf alert).

Red Satellites says "Welcome to the Hood -- Victimhood"

If you happen to have lived in or around New Orleans when Katrina hit- you've hit the lottery.

After a massive deadline filing rush recently that is still being sorted through, the United States is facing legal claims from more than 250,000 people here demanding compensation because, they allege, the Corps negligently designed the waterworks that permeate the city.
Every person within a 200 mile radius has lined up for this massive handout. Oh by the way, anyone done the math lately? Hmmm....$278 billion divided by ~250,000 = 1.11 MILLION per 'victim'. Yep.

If the government pays out all claims, each and every plaintiff, on average, will score more than a million dollars...
I'm wondering what the total amount of donations to Katrina victims has been? Like the September 11 widows, it never seems to be enough. A little personal responsibility would have saved many of these people in New Orleans from the tragedy they experienced. Hillbilly sums it up:

I may live in the city, enjoy a lot of creature comforts, technological advances, higher education, and many more things, but my roots are strong. If all these things disappeared tomorrow, I’d still survive because my family taught me how to think and do for myself. It’s the saddest thing in the world to me to read about people who can’t. If you want to cure the world’s ills teach them how to think and do and learn for themselves, not just give it and expect them to be grateful. Gratitude is a capricious creature. Just when you expect it to come in a flood you get complaints that what was given wasn’t enough. (Hillbilly Politics)
Muslims are not victims either, as Islamanazi so clearly points out:

It’s time our media stopped portraying the tribal peoples of other nations as being “undeveloped” because they still adhere to ancient and horrible practices. [snip]
No, the people who persist in abusing their women and mutilating and torturing each other aren’t undeveloped. They have full access to modern technology. Yet they constantly fight each other for domination. They fight over differences in belief, over slights and imagined slights, over territory, wealth, greed, jealousy, virtually any possible excuse or no excuse at all. They engage in complex and compulsory rituals that consume much of each working day and reduce their ability to provide for themselves. With knives they gouge off the hands and feet of each other as punishments for crimes and imagined crimes.

They do this while using the Internet, driving cars, and attending colleges.

They aren’t “undeveloped”.

They’re just muslims. (more)
If you are black you can be a victim, but if you are white you probably deserved to be carjacked, tortured, raped, and eventually killed. Hot Air has video. Christopher Newsom (23) and Channon Christian (21), real victims, get little MSM reporting. La Shawn Barber has more. Where's Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?

This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

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