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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Is It Really In Doubt?

Oh, what a surprise!

NYT: Election Doesn’t Shutter Clinton Campaign Offices---

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s re-election race may be over, but she is hardly closing up her campaign shop or worrying about deep debts.

Advisers to Mrs. Clinton say she has more than $10 million left in her political bank account, not to mention a priceless reservoir of speeches, issue research, and financial networks nationally for any future use.

Her advisers also say that she does not intend to disassemble her campaign apparatus and staff, as many candidates do when an election ends, nor does she plan to immediately close her New York City and Washington campaign offices.

Indeed, the Clinton camp has spent months building a re-election team that could easily shift into gear for a 2008 presidential bid. Fresh from her landslide victory, and with a fistful of I.O.U.’s from winning Democratic candidates nationally, Mrs. Clinton is comfortably positioned as she prepares to enter an important period of strategy talks, reading and reflection while deciding whether to run.

The millions left in her campaign account have helped fuel chatter about a presidential bid among supporters in the last few days because that money could be used for political activity if she chooses to run.
Does anyone really think Hill isn't planning a run for the Presidency?

God save us all.

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