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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Illegal Immigration, Hazleton PA, The ACLU, and Courage

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Who's afraid of the ACLU? Not Mayor Lou Barletta. Basically daring the ACLU to sue his city, the mayor of Hazleton, Pa revised the "Illegal Immigration Relief Act" ordinance his city council adopted in an attept to make it `ACLU-proof'.

And once again, the City Council of Hazleton passed the revised ordinance seeking to ban illegal aliens from working and residing in their city.

From the Las Vegas Sun:

HAZLETON, Pa. (AP) - The Hazleton City Council formally approved a revamped immigration ordinance Tuesday, reworking the law it passed two months ago to strengthen it against legal challenges.

The revised version passed 4-1, and council members also voted unanimously to make English the official language of the city.

Like the version it replaces, the new immigration ordinance punishes businesses that employ illegal immigrants and landlords who rent to them in the city of 31,000 residents about 80 miles northwest of Philadelphia.
Mayor Lou Barletta is an example of an elected official who actually remembers why he was elected. While our Senators try to find wiggle room, and make excuses, for their dereliction of duty, Mayor Barletta continues to try to uphold the laws of our nation and his city.

Even under direct attack of the ACLU, pro-illegal alien lobbyists, and others, this man remains courageous and steadfast in his role as mayor of the citizens of Hazelton.

From The Citizens Voice:

The plaintiffs suing the city - represented by the Puerto Rican League Defense and Education Fund, the American Civil Liberties Union and several other groups — now have the option to file for an immediate injunction blocking enforcement of the ordinance until the lawsuit is settled.

Laurence Norton, an attorney from the Community Justice Project, one group suing Hazleton, attended the meeting. He said the plaintiffs would have to discuss the new ordinance before deciding whether and how to proceed with the lawsuit filed in August. He said they also would try to learn more about the methods for enforcing the ordinance when considering amendments to the suit.
We all know the ACLU has unlimited taxpayer funds to intimidate even the most dedicated public servant into submission, but Mayor Lou Barletta is quickly becoming the image of a `Super Politician' across America as he continues to refuse to back down, or bow to the ACLU.

Every American city, large and small, has the right to defend and purge itself against illegality in their communities.

Read a letter from Mayor Lou Barletta here.

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