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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"There's no more World Trade Center."

Over at Hot Air AllahPundit has posted some videos he edited together from CNN's "as it happened" footage. Below those videos is an amateur video from 9/11, filmed by Bri and Bob, who lived near the Twin Towers. It is startingly vivid and loud; after Bri opened her window you can hear the screams of the FDNY and NYPD sirens. Chilling, really. The video starts after the first tower was hit. Smoke is absolutely pouring out of the gashes into the beautiful blue sky. Bri questions what is happenening. It really is almost too hard to listen to: the sounds of the fire engines and police cars, perhaps even the sounds of the metal and fire. Papers fly out a window. Fire just inside the open wounds of the building sides. Early on, when the first fire truck can be heard coming down the street, Bri says that they will need planes to drop water on the fire, because it is so high up. If only.

The second plane hits the other tower and Bri can only say, "Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. What's happening?" A few seconds later she says "People are running away." The camera moves down and you can see people down on the street, running.

This film clip has been edited together, to show more of what was filmed that day. People trying to get on a boat to leave the area. Vehicles crowding the street, going away. Firetrucks on the street below. All that smoke bleeding out of the buildings. You can't really see anything of the second tower. And, all the while, those sirens screaming and screaming.

Then, the smoke and dust as the second tower collapses. You can hear Bri (or someone else), as her husband Bob records, in the background crying and saying "the building's collapsing!" and more. So hard to listen to. That huge cloud moves out, down the street. A few minutes later, as the cloud blocks out the street, Bri says "All those people!"

Later, everything on the street below covered with ash. It looks like it snowed, but there are papers littering the ground as people move about.

Later, Bri asks, "People are jumping?!"

And then, a bit later, the second tower falls with a loud noise that is audible on the tape. Bri screams "Oh my god! All these people!" And the dark cloud spreads again and comes up to their windows. Bri says "the people are running away! They're running away!" You can hear the news in the background.

Then, later, you can see a huge mass of people, moving away, over a sort of bridge. And then the streets and vehicles, ambulances, covered in thick ash, as some people walk around.

Bri says, "Oh my god, there's no more World Trade Center." You can hear the chirping of the firemen's locators.

What an amazing piece of footage, but so chilling to watch and listen. Horrific, really. Do watch it for yourself.

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