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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Living La Vida La Raza

Over at The Corner, John Derbyshire posted a link to Karl Rove's speech at the La Raza conference. You'll find John's post here, as well of some of John's written comments about it.

I can't believe Karl Rove would visit that group of racists. They hate America and believe that they, la raza (the RACE), are superior. They also want to kick us out and take the southwestern UNITED STATES back to Mexico.

The fact that Karl Rove, the President's right Left hand man (well, on this issue, the President sounds like a typical Leftie), would do such a thing shows us where the President really stands on illegal immigration: with the illegal lobby.

President Bush called the Minutemen "vigilantes." They are just trying to protect our country and preserve it, which is what President Bush is supposed to be doing. He wouldn't call La Raza bad names.

Rather than buddying up with La Raza, President Bush ought to be courting those of us who voted him into office---TWICE. We are the ones he ought to be listening to. And we say NO to ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Not, "maybe" or "kind of," just plain NO.

But, he prefers to live La Vida La Raza. Bad choice.

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