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Monday, May 15, 2006

Thanks for Nothing

Here is news about and reaction to President Bush's (Pro-Illegal) Immigration speech this evening:

You'll find the text of the speech here.

GUESS WHAT??? According to this AP story, MEXICANS SAY GUARD WON'T SLOW MIGRANTS. How's that for a response to our attempts to KEEP OUR SOVEREIGNTY intact??

Most Mexicans believe the plan, to be announced Monday night by President Bush, will do little to stop the flow north. President Vicente Fox called Bush this weekend to say he didn't believe sending soldiers to the border was the answer.
[ . . .]
"No guard, no wall will keep us from crossing," he said.

Jesus Rodriguez, 49, agreed. He was looking for ways to cross one of Juarez's international bridges. "For Mexicans, there are no obstacles," he said.

Francisco Loureiro, who runs a migrant shelter in Nogales, across the border from Nogales, Ariz., criticized the plan as an "aggressive action more than anything because the migrant is not a criminal or a terrorist."

"His only objective is to work ... and a government that supposedly lobbies for world peace is now acting against defenseless migrants who are helping to fill a need for employers in the U.S," he said.
[ . . .]
In 2005, migrants sent about $20 billion to Mexico, where remittances represent the second-largest source of foreign income, after oil sales.
So, if illegally invading our country isn't a criminal act, then it must be an act of war. Time to bring out the big guns and end the invasion.

-Washington Post
-Fox NewsBush to Send 6,000 National Guardsmen to Southern U.S. Border---
-CNN: Bush calls for 6,000 troops along border
-Google News has tons of related news articles.
-Chicago Tribune: Mexicans react to Bush's border plan---
Some were offended at a "militarization" they thought more appropriate for the border between openly hostile countries and feared that troops could become a permanent presence redefining the U.S.-Mexico relationship.

"It's worrying," said Arturo Solis, an immigrant rights activist in Reynosa, across the border from McAllen, Texas. "The bad thing is that the American government is insisting on confusing immigration with a criminal problem."
Well, SINCE IT IS!!!

-Michelle Malkin---
Unintentional laugh line: Most illegal aliens "live in the shadows of our society."

Unintentional laugh line #2: "We are a nation of laws. And we must enforce our laws."
Cites border security funding increase.
-Lots from Hot Air:
-Bush speech open thread: Hoy blogamos, mañana no votamos
-Video: Highlights of Bush’s immigration speech

-Video at Expose the Left

-The Immigration Blog

-Captain's Quarters---
The only cause Bush helped tonight was the policy he has consistently put forth on immigration -- which once again shows Bush as a man who follows his own lights and beckons people to follow.
-TTLB's Coverage here (includes lots of great links).

-Stop the ACLU

-Big Dog's Weblog

-Point Five Blog, rather than listen to tonight's speech, has liveblogged President Bush's 21 September 2001 speech, and changed all the "terrorist" stuff to "illegal aliens." Interesting take.

-Valgerd's Hearth: Sent to the border, down Mexico way

-The Amboy Times: Tonight's Speech: Baby Steps

-Awesome "Guard the Borders" Congressman Tom Tancredo from Colorado has been a strong supporter of closing the borders and dealing strongly with illegal immigration. More reaction from him here.

-Mark Levin---

This is pure idiocy, and it has the potential of being far more damaging to this nation than any big-government power-grab perpetrated by any previous president and Congress. The social and economic impact would be vast. What is the public-policy imperative behind this? And if it’s such a wonderful idea, why does every other country in the world reject it, including Mexico?
**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

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