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Monday, May 08, 2006

Around the Blogosphere

Here are some interesting posts from around the Blogosphere tonight!

-Michelle Malkin: Free Alaa---"Alaa Abd el-Fatah, an Egyptian blogger, and several compatriots have been detained for holding a peaceful protest supporting the independence of the country's judiciary."

-Mad Minerva: Remember, Illegal Immigration Is Not Only About Latin America---"here's a fresh news story about another kind of illegal immigrant to the U.S.: those coming from Asia. Their profile and visibilty are lower than those of people from Mexico and Latin America, but they do exist."

-Blogbat: Los(t) Rangers---"Michelle Malkin has a rundown of some interesting quotes from e-mails and others regarding yesterday’s insulting choice by the Texas Rangers organization to celebrate a foreign holiday by renaming the team Los Rangers for the day...for now. Bad move for a Red State baseball team, but appropriate for a team formerly owned by Mr. “it’s not Amnesty” himself: George W. Bush."

-Woman Honor Thyself: Hush if YoU don’t Agree---"Why is it when anyone ever analyzes the Muzlim faith suddenly free speech is no longer quite so free and they always have an exclusion up their sleeves, ready to be sprung."

-The Scratching Post: The Moussaoui Scoreboard Roadshow---"So our dear friend Moussaoui didn’t get the chair or the syringe or the firing squad or a grand piano dropped on him, cartoon-style, from the top of a ten-story building. Instead he got life in prison."

-Mark Levin: Patrick Kennedy & Double Standards---"So, I am very angry. You will hear commentator after commentator speaking sympathetically about Patrick Kennedy and his addiction to painkillers. You will hear people say that he is addicted, he has a serious health problem, he deserves to be praised for his forthrightness today, and we should leave him alone. And many of these commentators will be the same people who were giddy in their ceaseless attacks on Rush."

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