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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mr. "P" Likes Pander ...

From Red Hot Cuppa Politics:

So, the GOP's currently running "Honor Our Immigrants" spots on Hispanic radio stations in the American Southwest, with a subtext of "psst -- don't trust Harry Reid"

From WashingtonPost:

THE 60-SECOND spots, paid for by the Republican National Committee, are to air on Spanish-language radio stations this week in Phoenix and Tucson, Reno and Las Vegas. They attack Senate Democratic leader Harry M. Reid (Nev.) for blocking movement on the immigration bill and House Democrats for, they say, voting to treat immigrants " como criminales ." The English translation: "Reid's Democrat allies voted to treat millions of hardworking immigrants as felons, while President Bush and Republican leaders work for legislation that will protect our borders and honor our immigrants."...(click here if you want to read all about how it's Bush's fault.)

Of course, the GOP, the WashingtonPost, and the US Democratic Party seem to miss the difference between immigrant and illegal immigrant. The ad, along with most of our partisan graybeards also miss the fact that the new, improved Senate bill no longer contains a felony clause for illegals, at least according to the ChristianScienceMonitor.

While I can't help but applaud the don't-trust-Harry-Reid bit -- I think the radio ads are a perfect example of how the RNC has joined the DNC in groveling for the holy grail of modern politics -- the perceived Hispanic voting bloc.

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh commented that according to Gallup, the President's approval ratings are 36% -- but Congressional approval ratings are in the twentieth percentile.

Here's a clue for the GOP: Groveling for the fabled Hispanic vote will not get help Republicans get re-elected in November. Doing the right thing might, however, save their sorry buttinski's -- and the right thing starts with sealing the danged border. As things stand, the problem for basic conservative voters in this country involves contemplating the international implications of having a Dem controlled Congress versus the stench around the voting booths this fall.

Incidentally, in the sturm und drang of the immigration issue, alot of folks don't realize that not only do we already have law enforcement measures (which can't be enforced), but there's already a guest worker program as well.

But, like they say on Sesame Street -- which is where some of our illustrious Republican Congressmen might find their next job -- Mr. "P" likes Pander. And Mr. "S" likes Selling us down the river.

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