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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Supporting Rumsfeld

The MSM is in an uproar because a few ex-generals disagree with Donald Rumsfeld's methods.

AP: Rumsfeld Not Considering Resigning
Newsweek: Anatomy of a Revolt

Apparently Newsweek doesn't realize that a revolt can only occcur when the generals, officers, and troops under Rumsfeld's authority stop listening to him and start doing whatever they like. That isn't happening. That's not going to happen.

So, a few ex-military men don't agree with Rumsfelds methods. Doesn't this just fly in the face of all the Libs who say the military brainwashes military personnel? That the military has a "one-track minds"?

It is reasonable to have disagreements about policy, methods, and use of resources. But, that does not mean these ex-generals are right and Donald Rumsfeld is wrong.

And why don't we hear more about the people who agree with Secretary Rumsfeld?

Mark Levin offers these names and says:

At least four generals are now defending Secretary Rumsfeld: current Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Peter Pace; Ex-Joint Chiefs of Staff chariman, Richard Myers; ex-CENTCOM commanrder, Tommy Franks; and ex-CENTCOM deputy commander, Michael DeLong. My guess is that there are many, many more.
These are some HUGE names. Their support ought to carry lots of weight.

But, when the MSM is in control of what we all read, hear, and see, what Myers, Franks, and Pace have to say is about as worthy as all the good working being done in Iraq.

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