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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hu Should Be Apologizing

AP: Protester Yells at Hu; Bush Apologizes---

WASHINGTON - In a surprise outburst that cast a diplomatic shadow, a screaming protester confronted President Bush and Chinese President Hu Jintao and interrupted the welcoming ceremony on the White House lawn Thursday. Bush later apologized to the Chinese leader.

"President Bush, stop him from killing," the woman shouted, to the surprise of hundreds of guests spread across the lawn on a sunny, warm day. "President Bush, stop him from persecuting the Falun Gong" — a banned religious movement in China.
The woman had obtained temporary press credentials as a reporter for a Falun Gong newspaper and positioned herself on a camera stand in front of the two leaders. A cameraman tried to put his hand over her mouth before uniformed Secret Service officers hustled her away.

Outside the White House gates, hundreds of banner-waving protesters loudly demonstrated against Hu's visit. The clamor could be heard faintly during an elaborate lunch Bush gave in Hu's honor.

Chinese leaders place high importance on protocol and symbolism, and Bush moved promptly to deal with the protest on the lawn. Once they reached the Oval Office, Bush apologized to his guest.

"He just said this was unfortunate and I'm sorry it happened," said Dennis Wilder, acting senior director for Asian affairs on the National Security Council staff.
Frankly, I don't know why President Bush is making nice with the Commie Chinese "President." And to apologize for someone expressing justified and truthful remarks about the Chinese government's oppression of its own people is completely ridiculous.

How does this square with President Bush's vaunted statements about freedom? We hear grand words about freedom's spread and the desire for every human to have liberty. But we all know there are millions and millions of people who live under Hu's despotism. Hu ought to be apologizing to them, rather than President Bush apologizing to Hu.

I'm very disappointed. This was a chance for President Bush to really put Hu on the spot. Forget diplomacy. Hu heads up a horrible regime. Must we really invite him to tea and serve him with the good china (no pun intended)?

The Chinese people probably can't even read this post, because it has the words "freedom" and "liberty" in it. For shame!

And good for this woman!

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