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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

More SOTU Reactions

Here are more reactions on the President's 2006 State of the Union Speech.

Over at National Review, you'll find a symposium of opinions on last night's speech here, a column on the "confrontational" SOTU, and the Editors on SOTU, among other things.

Townhall.com has American's reactions and links to a Human Events story on the new USA Today-CNN-Gallup poll which says75% Give Bush Thumbs Up, plus lots more.

Angel thanks the President for standing up for Life at Woman Honor Thyself.

Fred Barnes of The Weekly Standard doesn't think SOTU '06 was as tough as expected and Jonathan Last showcases the Best and Worst of SOTU '06. Hilarious at points and interesting all the way through.

The Anchoress commented on some odd/interesting "superficials" (her word, not mine), including where the cameras seemed to be pointing and Hillary Clinton's frozen face.

If you were unable to see the SOTU, you can read the transcript and watch it here.