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Thursday, February 02, 2006

France Gets Some Baby Teeth

AP: France Deports First Youth Tied to Riots---

PARIS - The French government deported a Malian involved in autumn rioting on Thursday — the first expulsion stemming from the weeks of violence that swept across France's troubled suburbs — and was preparing to send home another six foreigners.

The deportation of the man made good on promises issued by Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy during three weeks of car burnings, riots and other violence that began Oct. 27.

"I was widely criticized for saying ... that I would apply the law by expelling those (foreigners) who participated in the riots," Sarkozy said on LCI television. "Well, a first one took an airplane to Mali today."

Sarkozy said six other foreigners convicted of crimes were about to be deported, explaining the delay as a result of long legal procedures "because we are in a state of law."
Now if only France could do some more toughening up. It is going to take a lot more than deporting a few youths to quell the Muslim Fire that so threatens the world. How many more of these potential terrorists are still in France?