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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

"We respectfully urge . . ."

Earlier today I posted about David Frum's decision to create a petition asking the President to withdraw the Harriet Miers nomination.

David has a new post, with the link to his petition. You can read his post here.

Here is the basic info on the petition:

Please note that we have asked those of our readers who are connected to the law to give us some professional information about the kind. This is strictly optional - for your signature to "count" we need only your name, email address, and phone number. And of course, we welcome signatures by everybody, lawyer or not. We hope you will encourage friends and family to sign as well.

This nomination is an important test of the principles and integrity of the American conservative community. The web creates new opportunities for those of us care about politics to reach out to one another directly - and communicate our deeply felt convictions to our leaders, both when we agree with them and when we must dissent.

You'll notice that we ask for your email address and phone number. This information will not be posted. Nor will it be used for any commercial purpose by National Review (or anyone else). We need it in order to prove that the signatures are genuine when we ultimately submit the petition to the president and the White House.
If you would like to sign the petition, follow the link in David's post, or use this one.

WE ARE REPUBLICANS AND CONSERVATIVES who supported the election of George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004. Today, we respectfully urge that the nomination of Harriet Miers to the United States Supreme Court be withdrawn.

The next justice of the Supreme Court should be a person of clear, consistent, and unashamed conservative judicial philosophy.

The next justice should be a person of unquestioned personal and political independence.

The next justice should be someone who has demonstrated a deep engagement in the constitutional issues that regularly come before the Supreme Court — and an appreciation of the originalist perspective on those issues.

The next justice should be a person of the highest standard of intellectual and legal excellence.

For all Harriet Miers. many fine qualities and genuine achievements, we the undersigned believe that she is not that person. An attempt to push her nomination through the Senate will only split the Republican party, damage the Bush presidency, and cast doubts upon the Court itself.

Sometimes Americans elect Republican presidents, sometimes we elect Democratic presidents. Whatever the differences between the parties, surely we can at least agree on this: Each party owes America its best. There is a wide range of truly outstanding legal talents who share the president’s judicial philosophy. We believe that on second thought President Bush can do better — for conservatism, for the Supreme Court, for America.
If you agree with David Frum's words, then please sign. We deserve a clear-cut Conservative, not an unknown friend of the President's, regardless of her qualifications or lack thereof. This is our future.