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Sunday, September 25, 2005


New Ann Coulter from Thursday (I hadn't read it yet):

What Would Reagan Do?---

Perhaps President Bush has inadvertently nominated a true conservative to the court with this Roberts fellow. I remain skeptical based on the following facts:

(1) Anita Hill has not stepped forward to accuse Roberts of sexual harassment.

(2) The Democrats did not accuse Roberts of having a secret life as a racist.

(3) We have no idea what kind of videos he rents.

Also, I'm still steamed that Bush has now dashed my dreams of an all-black Supreme Court composed of eight more Clarence Thomases. Incidentally, eight more Clarence Thomases is the only form of human cloning I would ever support.

As liberal Hendrik Hertzberg wrote in The New Yorker, Roberts was a scared choice. After Hurricane Katrina, Bush was even more scared. So when he had to pick a chief justice, he renominated the Rorschach blot.

For Christians, it's "What Would Jesus Do?" For Republicans, it's "What Would Reagan Do?" Bush doesn't have to be Reagan; he just has to consult his WWRD bracelet. If Bush had followed the WWRD guidelines, he would have nominated Antonin Scalia for the chief justiceship.

As proof, I refer you to the evidence. When Reagan had an opening for chief justice, he nominated Associate Justice William Rehnquist. While liberals were preoccupied staging die-ins against Rehnquist and accusing him of chasing black people away from the polls with a stick — something they did not accuse Roberts of — Reagan slipped Scalia onto the court.
I have to agree with Ann. While John Roberts appears to be a nice guy, we still don't know all that much about him. I don't want another O'Connor or Souter. I want a Scalia.

The President has wasted his chance to get a good, solid, reliable conservative on the Supreme Court. Now, he's consulting the Dems (who, incidentally, did not win the election of 2004---nor the 2 before that!) on who he should appoint, rather than consulting We the People who elected him!

Not only that, but any number of idiots are urging him to pick a woman for the sake of picking a woman. See here and here.

Further, the President is waiting to nominate another judge for Sandra O'Connor's seat, rather than striking while the iron was hot. He ought to have nominated some great Conservative at the same time he nominated Roberts. That way the Libs would have had to decide where to focus their wacko energies.

But no, in a move that seems to be a habit, the President shows his lack of political skills and decides to wait . . . and consult . . . and let the losers of the election pick the nominee. Swell.

Hey, George W., ask yourself, WWRD????