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Monday, September 12, 2005

Cindy Sheehan Calls Her Son Brainless

Huff Puff: Camp Casey to DC Update---

I met with an aide of Dianne Feinstein in San Francisco. The Senator will also go on our Hall of Shame. Her aides (I have only spoken with her aides, even though I have requested 3 meetings with her) have admitted that she knows that Iraq was a mistake and if she knew then what she knows now she never would have given George Bush the authority to invade and occupy Iraq. First of all, I don't buy that argument. Anyone with a brain knew George was lying in the insane rush to the invasion of Iraq, and second of all, if she believes it is a mistake, then she should be working to bring our troops home. Casey and so many tens of thousands of others should still be alive and humanity is damaged immensely by allowing the travesty to continue. (emphasis added)
So if anyone with a brain knew George was lying about the reasons to go to war, then I guess Cindy's calling her son Casey brainless. He did re-enlist in Summer 2003, you know, after serving a tour in Iraq. It is quite doubtful that he would have bothered to re-enlist if he did not believe in the cause he was fighting for.

Cindy then lists Dianne Feinstein's "cardboard hurdles," as Cindy called them, "that must be jumped before we bring our troops home." Here is one that particularly grates. Cindy gives Feinstein's "hurdle" and then responds with her own twisted logic.

3) Enough Iraqi soldiers need to be trained.

These poor unfortunate souls are not going to be trained in Iraq. They are seen as collaborators and are targets of the insurgents. I often wonder how desperate the Iraqis must be for jobs if they are willing to risk their lives standing in line for a job application.
Rather silly argument, Cindy. These blessed, fortunate souls, who were able to escape being murdered by your friend Saddam and his cronies, are trying to rebuild their country. They are being trained for their country.

They are rejecting the insurgents by getting up every day, standing in lines to become policemen and soldiers, and living their lives. They are embracing their freedom.

Cindy, you make it sound as though the insurgents have won and the "collaborators" are some kind of underground resistance. You have that backwards. The Iraqis are winning and the insurgents (mostly foreigners---you sound like you are about to join) are underground and losing badly.

And if you think these people are only standing in these lines because they are so desperate, then you are insane. Think about it. If the Iraqis were so scared of the insurgents, but needed jobs, don't you think they would join the insurgents? The reason they keep going back after attack after attack is that they believe in their country. They believe that by standing in those lines, by becoming policemen and soldiers, they will be building their country into a democracy. They aren't desperate. They are proud and brave and determined not to allow these cowardly terrorists to daunt them.

Read this:

BAGHDAD — They leave their homes before dawn, their police academy uniforms jammed in a bag and their laminated police identification cards hidden — often inside the sandwiches they bring for lunch or, if they are women, in their headscarves.

Navigating Baghdad's darkened streets, the police cadets try to avoid checkpoints periodically set up by a militia loyal to radical Shiite Muslim cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. Most have received death threats pinned to the doors of their homes or relayed in whispers by people on the streets.

Despite this, young Iraqis are lining up by the thousands every day for police and army jobs or for positions with multinational contractors. "I can't tell you how many thousands we turn away," said Melvin Goudie, a Scotsman who is director of the Baghdad Police Academy. "I've always thought after the latest attack that no one is going to come back. ... They keep on coming back."
Lines of people waiting for jobs are attacked and bombed. The next day, even more people show up to stand in that line. That isn't what desperate people do. Desperate people behave like the cowardly insurgents. The closer Iraq gets to becoming a democracy, the more desperate they become and the more they attack.

The Iraqis are able to be free because people like George W. Bush and your son, Casey, have brains and hearts. As Abraham Lincoln wrote, "Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves; and, under a just God, can not long retain it." If people like you were in charge, Cindy, we would no longer have freedom. It is only in helping others grasp their own freedom that we remain free. George W. Bush understands this. Casey understood this. It is a pity you do not.