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"Jane was firm where she felt herself to be right." -Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Friday, September 09, 2005

How is this any better?

FEMA was planning to give victims of the hurricane $2,000 debit cards, but has just scrapped the idea.

Instead, FEMA will just give people bank accountdeposits!

How is this any better?

Essentially, the federal government is giving away money to be used carte blanche so that people can "make their own decisions about what do they need to have to start rebuilding their lives."

But where is the accountability?

How will the government prove someone is a victim of the hurricane?

Should tourists who were visiting New Orleans be given the equal amount?

Is it $2,000 for a family or $2,000 per individual?

Will there be a limit on what people can purchase with this money?

These are important questions. Most assuredly, in such a large group of victims, there will be the usual suspects who spend the money on alcohol, televisions, dvd players, cigarettes, and other sorts of things unnecessary for rebuilding lives. There ought to be some sort of guidelines for use of the money and some way to check on how the money is being used.

After all, if the federal government is using taxpayer money, we have a right to know what it is being spent on. I hardly feel it fair that someone can go on a vacation to Hawaii on that $2,000 dollars or have a big party while I go to work to pay those taxes.

A sort of debit card might be better in that the government might be able to install some sort of buying limit on it.

Whatever they do, I want to know what my money is being used for. Otherwise I want $2,000 back, so I can spend it on whatever I want too.