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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Is Huff Puff making things up?

Here you find a Huffington Post post with the headline:
National Guard Points Gun At NBC's Brian Williams And Staff In New Orleans...
But when you actually read what Brian Williams wrote, you see that the headline is not telling the truth:
At that same fire scene, a police officer from out of town raised the muzzle of her weapon and aimed it at members of the media... obvious members of the media... armed only with notepads.
A police officer, albeit from "out of town," is not the same thing as a member of the National Guard. Is Huff Puff deliberately maligning the military?

And you know, Brian, often what you "obvious members of the media . . . armed only with notepads" do much more damage than a brigade of police officers with weapons pointed. The only people who actively seek to kill Western journalists are the Extremist Muslim Terrorists your kind are so eager to believe the world of.