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Saturday, September 10, 2005

"Crescent of Embrace"

You must head over to Michelle Malkin's website and read her post entitled FLIGHT 93 MEMORIAL: SEEING IS BELIEVING.

This is outrageous and disgusting. Once again the Liberals are trying to take what should be a memorial to honor those who died fighting Muslim Extremists and make it into a touchy-feely homage to those evil terrorist cowards.

Tons of you are stunned, outraged, and sickened by the new Flight 93 Memorial, the "Crescent of Embrace." I called the architect responsible for the redesign, Paul Murdoch of Los Angeles, yesterday for comment. He did not return my call, but he did speak with the Johnstown, Pa., Tribune Democrat, as quoted in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Neither Murdoch nor his supporters see any problem with the red crescent wrapped around the crash site near Shanksville, Pa., where 40 innocent people were murdered at the hands of Islamic terrorists:
"This is not about any religion per se," Murdoch said in a telephone interview with the Tribune-Democrat in Johnstown. "It's a spiritual space, and a sacred place, but it's open to anyone."
The word "crescent," he said, was used as a generic architectural term for a curved line.

"Sure, there is an Islamic crescent," Murdoch said. "Theirs is a lunar crescent. Ours isn't based on that."
Per se.
This is akin to using a swastika in a memorial at Auschwitz. Heinous. Immoral. Sickening.

Visit Michelle's site to see a graphic of the design and the red crescent.

She also provided this contact information so you can share your outrage with those in charge:
Write the National Park Service, which must approve the final design here.

Call the Superintendent of the Flight 93 National Memorial at (814) 443-4557. Or fax (814) 443-2180.