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"Jane was firm where she felt herself to be right." -Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Friday, September 02, 2005

Amen, Great One!

I love Mark Levin, aka "The Great One" (per Sean Hannity). He's a super smart and super funny.

Here is what he said over at The Corner today:

Frankly, I am embarrassed by some of the nonsense I am reading here. Much of it isn't even thoughtful, just knee-jerk. This is a massive tragedy. An entire city is under water. 100,000 people either didn't or couldn't leave. For the first 100 hours, access was almost impossible. The entire infrastructure was obliterated. The nation is rallying. Every available governmental resource has been or is being mobilized. Individuals, charity groups and corporations are all rallying. Nothing is being spared. The president is doing that which any president, of either party, would or could do. It disappoints me that conservatives in particular, who supposedly understand the limitations of government, are reacting so callously to the unprecedented response in the name of compassion for the suffering. There's nothing compassionate about it. And I dare say that many of those reading it, including those who are volunteering time and money, find is distasteful.

While I'm at it, we can do more than debate this. In addition to criticizing what other people are (or are not) doing, why don't show civic spirit as well. Landmark Legal has wired a substantial donation from its operating budget to the Salvation Army. There's no reason every other conservative or libertarian group can't do the same thing. I encourage it. There are things we can do, too.