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Friday, September 02, 2005

Don't quit your day job, Angelina

Breitbart.com: Angelina Jolie Slams Storm Aid Efforts---

Angelina Jolie says she is happy aid is getting to the hurricane- ravaged New Orleans area, but that "it is simply not going to be enough."

The 30-year-old actress issued a statement late Friday that she was "shocked" at the images coming from New Orleans, a city she said is "very close to my heart."

"It is wonderful to hear of the relief efforts that are finally coming into New Orleans and the rest of the region today, but as we all know, it is simply not going to be enough," she said.

"The federal government's response must be dramatically increased in order to prevent a further loss of life."

Jolie said she has sent letters to members of Congress and the White House asking them to increase the speed of the federal response. She added, "Like most people, I am simply trying to understand the situation in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama and how I can best help."
Well, since Angelina is such an expert, being a U.N. figurehead "goodwill" ambassador, perhaps she should solve all the problems besetting the authorities who are trying to get aid into New Orleans.

Does anyone really care what she thinks? Perhaps she should donate some of her money, to speed the effort up.