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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

We are so powerful!

I'm surprised they just blame humans in general, and not President Bush in particular.

Yahoo News: Jellyfish Invade the Globe, Thanks to Humans---

There are exotic Frankenfish in the Potomac, unbearably noisy foreign frogs in Hawaii, and the destructive spiny water fleas that have snuck into northern lakes.

Now you can add alien moon jellyfish to the growing list of invasive species that threaten ecosystems around the planet.

Scientists announced the discovery of 16 new species of "moon jellyfish" today while also saying the creatures are invading marine environments all over the world.

We're to blame
Oooh, a bit dramatic, aren't we?

The jellyfish are carried by ships, the researchers said. They join several other species that have hitchhiked into new habitats, often to the demise of native species.
What did we learn about in science class? Darwin's survival of the fittest? Hmmmmm.

I suppose we could just stop using ships.

The researchers conducted a 7,000-year computer simulation of possible movement based on ocean currents and the creatures' less-than-Olympic swimming skills. That combined with genetic data leaves ships as the only logical mode of transportation.
What a brilliant computer. Perhaps it can help us track down all the evil terrorists. Wait, it isn't perfect? No kidding.