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Monday, August 29, 2005

No more interviews?

Eric Pfeiffer of National Review's The Buzz is down in Crawford, Texas, trying to interview Cindy Sheehan.

Here is his latest post:

Crawford: Cindy's "Worn Out"

I just heard from a representative at Fenton Communications, the group providing media coordination for Cindy Sheehan. In their defense, they say they were not aware of my interview request. However, the rep added Sheehan, “is truly worn out from the media blitz and is not taking any interview requests at the moment.”

Just telling you what they said. I can’t verify if this is the truth, but at least I have something from them on the record.

[08/29/2005 05:12 PM]
So, if Cindy isn't taking any interview requests at the moment, then she should stick to that. Saying no to National Review and yes to liberal members of the MSM (but I repeat myself) after she has said she is too tired to give interviews would make her a partisan hypocrite (no surprise).

Good luck, Eric Pfeiffer! We'll be following the story!

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