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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

"Families Angered by Crosses at War Protest"

CRAWFORD, Texas - Nearly 600 white wooden crosses in perfectly straight rows stretch down the narrow road leading to President Bush's ranch, a sea of names in the grassy ditch. Lt. Seth Dvorin. Sgt. David W. Johnson. Daniel Torres. Casey Sheehan.

Hundreds of anti-war demonstrators have spent time at the memorial the past two weeks, pausing to wipe away tears or place an American flag by a cross as they walk slowly down the road.
Right. The anti-war losers are always so proud of our military men that they honor them with American flags and tears.

Come on. Everything we have seen from these people since the start of the war has shown that they hate our military. They hate what the military stands for. They hate what the military does. They hate the country the military represents.

They don't cry because a brave man sacrificed his own life so we could have freedom. They don't honor our soldiers by placing American flags at their graves. If they do, then they do not do so for the right reasons---for pride in country, pride in military, in solidarity with the cause of freedom.

Rather, these anti-freedom liberals are acting. They want to appear to support the military but, as their signs sometimes say, they only really "support the troops . . . when they shoot their officers." They call our troops murderers, baby-killers, evil terrorists, and worse. They spit on them, throw blood on them, and treat them horribly.

One cannot simultaneously love the troops and hate their mission, as Liberals pretend they do. Really, if one goes around calling their mission wrong, immoral, evil, murderous, etc., then one is calling the troops themselves wrong, immoral, evil, murderous, etc.

To some relatives of the fallen U.S. soldiers, however, it isn't a tribute to heroes but a political statement by liberal groups with whom they disagree.

Sherry Orlando, a spokeswoman at Fort Campbell, Ky., said she doesn't want her husband, who was killed in Iraq in 2003, to be used "for someone's political agenda."

"Being in the military ... was who he was. It wasn't just a job. He supported what he did and I support that as well," she said.
These crosses are purely for show. As Rush Limbaugh has pointed out this week, why are they using crosses? Crosses are symbols of the Christian faith. Shouldn't anti-religion Liberals use some other symbol?

Last week Gary Qualls, whose Marine son Louis died in Fallujah last fall, went to the Crawford site and yanked up a cross bearing his son's name. He said it was disrespectful because he disagrees with the protesters' views and supports Bush.

But Qualls said the demonstrators keep replacing the crosses. Since then, Qualls said, he has removed two more crosses bearing his son's name. The three crosses are now in front of "Fort Qualls," a pro-Bush camp set up last weekend in downtown Crawford.

Fitzsimmons said she does not know if protesters replaced the cross after Qualls left or if it had been initially duplicated by mistake. She said only Qualls and two other families have asked that a cross be removed, which was done.

"It wasn't our intention to upset anyone," she said. (emphasis added)
Right, it wasn't their "intention to upset anyone." I really believe that. That's why these Libs have refrained from calling our troops and their commander-in-chief names, that's why they haven't hung mannequins of soldiers, that's why they haven't gone screeching around the country. Right, they care so much.

I'm very tired of these wacko liberals pretending to have it both ways. They do not love the military. They do not support our troops. They do not care about military families, unless they go Cindy Sheehan on us. They think the mission is evil, useless, a quagmire, wrong, etc. They think we deserve to lose.

They are wrong. And they are wrong to use the brave who have died to free Afghanistan and Iraq for their sick protests. They dishonor those courageous souls who, like Cindy Sheehan's son Casey, volunteered, re-enlisted, and believed in the mission.

God bless our military and their families.