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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Oh yes, the Poor Dear

After what he did to his country, how dare he?!?

In Letter, Saddam Casts Self As Martyr---

AMMAN, Jordan - Facing trial and possible execution for the massacre of his fellow Muslims, ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein sought in a letter published Sunday to cast himself as a martyr, writing that his "soul and existence is to be sacrificed" for the Arab cause.

A Jordanian friend received the letter through the International Committee of the Red Cross, which verified its authenticity and said it had been censored by Saddam's American captors in Iraq.

"My soul and my existence is to be sacrificed for our precious Palestine and our beloved, patient and suffering Iraq," said the letter, published in two Jordanian newspapers and made available to The Associated Press.
I thought Saddam Hussein was in Iraqi custody. Isn't it interesting the way the AP refers to his jailers as "captors," as though he was kidnapped and being held hostage and not allowed anything. The case is obviously very different.

Rana Sidani, a spokeswoman for the ICRC's Iraq delegation in Amman, said the Red Cross had confirmed the message's authenticity and the letter had been "censored by the detaining authorities before being handed over to the ICRC for distribution."

Sidani said Saddam and other such political detainees to whom the Red Cross has access are normally only allowed to write letters to family members and loved ones and in exceptional cases to friends. She said the Red Cross messages are not meant for publication.

Facing possible execution if found guilty in upcoming trials, Saddam's letter appeared to include musings on his mortality.

"Life is meaningless without the considerations of faith, love and inherited history in our nation," the letter said.

"It is not much for a man to support his nation with his soul and all he commands because it deserves it since it has given us life in the name of God and allowed us to inherit the best," he wrote in a what appeared a call to Arabs to follow in his footsteps.
What arrogance. I hope he rots in hell for his crimes.