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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Liveblogging the 2nd Debate

I've never really liveblogged before because I didn't have the ability, but tonight I have borrowed my dad's laptop and decided it would be fun to do a bit of it. So, here it is. :)But if you want top analysis, I would visit The Corner at NRO.

Go McCain!

7:00pm-Obama is such an idiot. Ie love how he just mentioned Delaware as a state that is a bad example. Does he forget his running mate JOE BIDEN is a senator from Delaware? Hmmmm.

7:03pm So, we should have stopped the Holocaust if we could, but Obama doesn't recognize we stopped a similar tyrant in Iraq? Idiot. What the hell were we supposed to do? If Obama had been around during WWII, he would have advocated leaving the war to the Germans and English. Idiot.

7:06pm I'm so proud of Senator McCain for reminding Obama, Brokaw, and the rest of the stupid Libs what our troops do for us, how we should be so proud of them, support them, and realize that they are the most important thing we have. We need to remember that our troops have saved millions upon millions of lives, have saved countries, and deserve our love, prayers, and encouragement. I'm sick of the Dems forgetting the importance of FREEDOM. And freedom isn't free. Freedom doesn't come through talking. It comes through doing, which is what our troops do. Obama and his cronies talk, talk, talk.

Now Obama's talking about not coddling people? And only minutes ago he was essentially saying we should have talked to Saddam and coddle him, rather than acting. And now he's saying we should kill bin Laden? How? What do you think we're doing?

7:10pm Yes, let's announce when we're going to attack, Obama! In fact, why don't we just give our battle plans to the enemy, borrow a white flag from the French, and leave all our weapons & tanks on the field, while we come home and cower in our basements? Excellent plan! Why didn't Wellington think of that? Why didn't Patton think of that? Why didn't Schwarzkopf think of that? Why didn't Franks think of that? Ahhhhh!!! Idiot!!!

7:16pm Now Obama is saying the Afghani people should have what they want? How about the American people? We were screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO about the bailout and did our dictators elected "representatives" listen to us? No. Why are they there? To do what they want or do what we want? My grandpa thinks we should just fire them all and I think I agree.

7:21pm "More safe"??? Obama just said something made us "more safe"???? He's a moron. Oh, now he's going to minimize what the Great Ronald Reagan did for us, versus the EVIL EMPIRE that was (and is becoming again) Russia?

7:24pm Good question from Terry Shirey, citizen, about whether we should wait for UN approval if someone nuked our important ally Israel. Hell no. I'm hoping McCain says just that.

Tom Brokaw has been super annoying tonight. Shouldn't he, as the moderator, moderate and not just whine that the answers are going too long?

Good answer about how Obama hasn said he would meet with the Iranian president without preconditions. Obama has said that, but in the last few days has said he never did!

No, we cannot allow a second Holocaust to take place. Obama: Allowing Iran to get a nuke would be a game changer. Wow. What a stupid statement. And he wouldn't take military options off the table, which is essentially what you do when you ask the UN if you can go fight for someone's freedom. The idiots at the UN don't care about freedom or saving lives. Ask the people in the countries where the UN peacekeepers have been stationed and have raped the women and done horrible things. Blah. Blah. Blah. Obama keeps talking about talking. And putting a little pressure on Iran. Good luck. Not going to work, moron.

7:28pm OMJ, President Bush has so much more power than I EVER realized! Obama just said that the President refused to talk with Iran and Iran went from zero centrifuges to a bunch! Geez!!!

7:30pm Obama just said he learns most things from Michelle. Scary thought!

And now he's telling us how he's a product of the American dream----scrimping, saving, scholarships, hard work---but he seems to always say that the American Dream is over and not a possibility. Which is it?

7:32pm McCain does know what it is like. He has the experience needed to be President. Obama has nothing. And he really has no character, just like lots of great actors.

McCain has always put his country first!

7:36pm Michelle Obama always looks like she's been sucking on lemons. Yuck. Who wants that from a first lady? And I don't buy any of Obama's "America Love" rhetoric. He and his wife hate this country. They want to be citizens of the world! Wooooh!!!

It was super annoying the way Tom Brokaw kept interjecting his own questions. I thought the point of this townhall debate was to allow the citizens to ask questions. Why were they all about the same things? Nothing interesting or something someone outside the Beltway would ask. Boring!

7:41pm It was really sort of a boring debate. I don't know why I bothered to watch it. Obama's not a good debater; he's a liar and rambles. I think he's a good actor, which is why many gullible people (read: Democrats and stupid moderates) don't bother to look into what he actually says. They just think he sounds confident and knowledgable and that's enough for them. Idiots.

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