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Friday, June 06, 2008

Remembering D-Day!

Today is the 64th Anniversary of D-Day, when thousands and thousands of brave men stormed the beaches of Normandie, in an effort to drive the German Nazis out of France and defeat them for good. The world would be a far different place today if D-Day had not happened. We owe such a debt of gratitude to those men, but we can never repay it.

All we can do is say thank you, Thank you for risking your lives, your limbs, your sanity, and everything for us and for freedom, and pray for you, treat you with respect, and never, ever forget what you did for us.

Excellent website here. It includes letters GIs sent home, describing D-Day, timelines, maps, information on people and places, and much more.

And more from the Army, including the text and a recording of General Eisenhower's message, maps, photos, WWII posters, and lots more.

The National World War II Museum.

And, The National D-Day Memorial Foundation.

And from today, AP: Vets gather at WWII museum to remember D-Day

And, Reagan's 40th Anniversary of D-Day Speech at Pointe du Hoc.

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