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Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's Coming Back!

We knew it wasn't dead.

Fox News: Majority Leader Reid Close to Reviving Senate Immigration Bill---

WASHINGTON — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will approve a new deal on immigration on Thursday and move to bring the once-dead legislation back to the Senate floor next week, Democratic sources told FOX News.

Details of the immigration compromise remain to be finalized, but top Democratic sources say Reid has closely monitored the behind-the-scenes dickering over policy changes and a finite list of amendments due for consideration. Based on the latest updates on the policy and amendments, Reid will approve the compromise and move late Thursday to put the bill back on the calendar for Senate consideration in the middle of next week.

"He's going to bless it and he's going to get the Senate back in the business of dealing with immigration," said a source in the Democratic Senate leadership.

The principal change to the bipartisan immigration compromise that Reid shelved last week is the addition of $4.4 billion in added border security spending. That money will be added to the base bill to return to the floor. Any other changes to the immigration bill will have to be made through the amendment process.
Oh, joy!

And, of course,

Earlier in the day, President Bush agreed to the plan in hopes of winning over fellow Republicans.

"We're going to show the American people that the promises in this bill will be kept," Bush said in a speech to the Associated Builders and Contractors.
I will not be bought. I will not change my opinion on this matter just because they promise to add money to enforce the border security.
GOP sources tell FOX News that the new bill has enough support from Republicans for Reid to prevail on a procedural vote to get the bill to final passage.
As Michelle Malkin notes,

It's do or die time, people.

The GOP elites have chosen. If you have an objection, speak now or forever hold your peace.
Speak up now! Let them know we aren't stupid and that we aren't going to fall for false promises of enforcement.

More at Hot Air.

And don't forget to read "The best way to restore trust", from some anti-Amnesty Senators.

Let the Amnesty Crowd know you aren't going to stand for this:
The Senate
The White House
The House (Let them know they can expect lots of angry calls & e-mails if they fall in line with this shamnesty.)

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