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Monday, May 07, 2007

1776 or is it 1976?

As you may know, Queen Elizabeth II (I share a birthday with her) is on an official visit to the US. This is very adorable.

From Al-Reuters:

Bush noted the queen's long history of dealing with successive American governments, just barely stopping himself before dating her to 1776, the year the 13 British colonies declared their independence from Britain.

Elizabeth has occupied the British throne for 55 years and is 81.

"The American people are proud to welcome your majesty back to the United States, a nation you've come to know very well. After all you've dined with 10 U.S. presidents. You've helped our nation celebrate its bicentennial in 17 -- in 1976," Bush said.

Bush looked at the queen sheepishly. She peered back at him from beneath her black and white hat.

"She gave me a look that only a mother could give a child," Bush said as the crowd burst into laughter.
For details of the White Tie State Dinner, visit here. Of course, there were touches of Britain:

The centuries-old vermeil flatware and candelabras came from a London silversmith. A made-of-sugar replica of the queen's 1953 coronation rose graced the cake. English farmhouse cheeses accompanied the salad course.
Watch video from the dinner here.

Guest List here. Some very interesting names.

Dinner Menu here.

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