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Monday, February 05, 2007

"Muslims shouldn't be treated differently from any other citizens."

This is very interesting.

This Is London: Muslim organisation offers to help school ban full-face veil---

A Muslim organisation has offered to help fund a school's legal battle to ban the full-face veil.

The school fears it could face financial ruin if it takes on a 12-year-old girl in the High Court, after her father gained legal aid to argue it is her "human right" to wear the niqab - which covers all of her face except her eyes - in classes.

Buckinghamshire County Council has refused to pay legal fees in support of the head teacher who banned the veil, because councillors fear costs could reach half a million pounds.

But bizarrely, the school has been thrown a lifeline by liberal Islamic group the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford (Meco) which has written to the head offering to contribute towards any legal costs for the school.

The chairman of the 500-strong Meco organisation, Taj Hargey, said in his letter to the school that the full-face veil was not a requirement of Islam, and that the girl's father was being unreasonable.
What Dr. Hargey had to say is very positive:

Dr Hargey said: "We are strongly committed to offering you our full and unequivocal support in banning face-masks at school.

"We trust that you will continue to resist any move to implement this kind of minority ethnic obsession, which has no foundation whatsoever in Islamic law."

He noted that the school already allows many Asian girls to wear the headscarf, and added that he was prepared to lead a national Muslim protest and fundraising effort against what he called "this largely Saudi-driven campaign to make the niqab a compulsory requirement for Muslim women".

Dr Hargey added: "It is high time that moderate progressive Muslims tackle extremists on their own theological grounds.

"They use a distorted theology that has nothing to do with the Koran - the niqab is a cultural phenomenon, nothing to do with Islam.

"And we are philosophically opposed to the notion of 'Muslim exceptionalism' - Muslims shouldn't be treated differently from any other citizens
(Emphasis added)

It is quite refreshing to hear a Muslim organization advocate this position. If only more would!

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