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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Woman Killed By Dragging Also An Illegal Alien

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It seems like the body of the woman who was dragged to death has been identified. She is Luz Maria Franco Fierros, and was identified because her fingerprints were on her Mexican voter's identification card. (hmmm; pretty good voter identification system in Mexico -- FB) From AP, via yahoo, towards the end of the page:

Leyva Franco said her mother left Chilpancingo, the capital of the Mexican state of Chilpancingo Guerrero, sometime after Mother's Day last year. Her mother had told her she wanted to return to Mexico after paying unspecified debts. She crossed the border illegally and followed the advice of a neighbor who said there were jobs in Denver, her daughter said.
Franco Fierros apparently met Rubi-Nava in a nightclub last year, and he moved in with her. Her neighbors say that there were "hints" of trouble:
But, she said, there were hints of trouble. Franco Fierros, 49, admitted that the quarrels with her boyfriend occasionally got physical, although she claimed she always landed more blows than he did. The spats were always brief, Pulgarin said. "Sometimes she would say to me, 'I want to kill Jose,'" she said. The next day, the fight would be over, and Franco Fierros would be happy again, she said.
"Hints" of trouble? No kidding! Well, I suppose you find creeps all over the world. But, since this is a Mexican citizen who killed another Mexican citizen -- can't we just save a little taxpayer money, deport the creep back across the border and let Obrador take care of him ... yah ... I know, I'm niaeve ...

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