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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Gentleman Jay's Diversity Rant

My internet friend Jay is a retired American who lives near Winchester with his English wife. He feels very keenly the slow, agonizing death of Britannia, a death brought on by political correctness and the abandonment of English traditions and values. So sad to see the great Britannia becoming nothing.

Gentleman Jay, as I have decided to call him, was kind enough to give me permission to publish something he wrote and sent via e-mail.

For your perusal:

My Diversity Rant

September 1st 06

If it all bothers me greatly, you may well imagine how my wife feels.

She's watching her country die by slow politically correct degrees, and she isn't at all happy. She is very much aware of the disintegration of her country, and we've talked about the sad state of affairs & wonder if the same thing is taking place in the USA re. all this diversity insanity.

Frankly, I haven't a real clue how to stop it. Sure, I know I have suggested violence. That's cause I see no other way.

But I also know where that can lead to and the guy with the most weapons will win and then maybe everybody loses.

I guess you can readily see how confused I are. There just doesn't seem to be an end to this craziness. And if it ain't crazy then I surely do not know what is.

You may recall last year the govt. decided that "too many white, middle age, middle class ppl were enjoying a national park."

Then this year they have decided that anglers in Britain's creeks and rivers didn't have any ppl of color and no muslims.

So they thought it'd be a nifty idea to get muslim women to go learn fishing and join the fun. I don't have a problem with muslim women angling (will their men allow it?) in the nation's creeks and rivers. But a program built around taxpayer funding so one group can learn something that so far they haven't shown any inclination for seems, well, daft. And oh btw, the program has gone nowhere. Lack of interest apparently.

Now some firemen have to take "intensive diversity training" because they refuse to go to a queer event and pass out info. On a subject nine of them have no natural inclination for. Here's the link. Telegraph News 'Diversity' course for firemen who rebuffed gay event

Last week the lady in charge of this diversity stuff said whoops. May not be so hot after all, and may in fact be more divisive.

Oh, nice time to tell everyone. Like maybe ten years late.

So in light of her statement on diversity, just why is it that nine firemen now have to endure "intensive diversity training?"

I kind of think its time for the other side to take some training themselves to understand why our side thinks they're so very misguided. I know they won't do that voluntarily cause they aren't inclined that way. Are they?

So maybe they should be forced, as they've forced others, to take some diversity training from the other side.

But don't hold your breath.

Cheers, and Stay Tuned.