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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Did you know there's a War on Terror going on?

. . . the MSM takes a long time to get a clue.

AP: Experts: 9/11 won't be the last attack---

WASHINGTON - The threat of terrorism against the United States remains chillingly lethal five years after 9/11, and officials predict another massive attack is not a matter of if — but when.

Despite a government overhaul and more than $250 billion spent to bolster security on airlines, at borders and in seaports, few doubt al-Qaida's intent to strike the U.S. again. That the nation hasn't been hit since Sept. 11, 2001, may say as much about terrorists' patience as it does about steps taken to stop them.
Patience is a virtue. The terrorists have no virtues.

Could it be, quite possibly, that the WAR ON TERROR has disrupted their plans and forced them to create new ones, which take time and planning?

The unsettling reality of terrorism, however, is that it is always in search of new ways to accomplish mass death and destruction. And always in search of the weakest link.
No kidding! Perhaps we should mount a global campaign to stamp out (with 500 pound bombs whenever necessary) terrorism, where ever we can find it . . . Oh, wait, we already are engaged in such an endeavour, and we get nothing but snarky comments and anti-war marches from the Left.

What exactly do they want us to do? Other than give the terrorists all sorts of legal rights and defenses equal to that of Fort Knox, that is?

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