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Monday, June 26, 2006

Illegal Alien Free on Technicality

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Read this one carefully. You will not believe the goofy reasoning of the judge who turned her loose.

Des Moines Register Honduran teen may stay in Des Moines, judge says:

There was good news early this afternoon for 18-year-old Stephanie Izaguirre - an immigration judge has rescinded her order of deportation.

That means immigration officials won't put her on the next flight to her native Honduras.

But Izaguirre, who sneaked across the U.S. border at age 12 and has lived with her sister in Des Moines since, still faces a long legal battle as her lawyer argues that she should be granted asylum because she was a victim of child sex trafficking in Honduras.
I hear you ask why and how this could happen. Follow this loopy reasoning from the judge if you can :

Immigration Judge Eleazar Tovar of U.S. Department of Justice's Immigration Court in Harlingen, Texas, said Izaguirre may not have received her notice of her deportation hearing, therefore he granted a request to reopen her case.
Now keep up with me here... Why did Ms. Izaguirre not receive the notice for her
deportation hearing?



A notice of the hearing date was mailed to an address in Iowa that the "aunt" had provided. Izaguirre never lived at that address, and the letter was returned as undeliverable to the immigration office, court documents show. Benzoni said immigration officials confirmed that the letter was not delivered.
There was no "aunt" and she never lived at that address. What could you possibly expect from a liar and thief?

I am beside myself. No, strike that. I am beside myself I have blood pressure enough to launch the space shuttle if NASA would tap an artery. The judge should disbarred, but if there is a God he would be rolled in Alpo and thrown to a pack of starving poodles.

If there were a decent gun range within a reasonable driving distance of me, I would be off to expend a few hundred thousand rounds tonight.


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