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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"People turn a blind eye to his atrocities"

It is surprising and refreshing to see someone comfortable in Hollywood making a film that speaks out against Communists and "Uncle Fidel." In recent years, it has become a status thing for Hollywood celebs to fly in their gas-guzzling, expensive private jets down to the Prison Island of Cuba. Not to visit the soldiers at Gitmo, and bring some cheer to their lives, but to visit one of the worst despots in the world, Fidel Castro.

Andy Garcia is a different sort.

From IMDB.com:

Garcia Film Banned for Anti-Guevara Sentiment

Movie star Andy Garcia's controversial new movie The Lost City has been banned in parts of South America because it depicts romantic revolutionary Ernesto 'Che' Guevara in a terrible light. The Ocean's Twelve star spent years trying to get the project made, only for film festival bosses and cinema chains to shun the movie because it tells the truth about the Marxist guerilla leader and the Cubans slayed as he fought to revolutionize the country and hand Fidel Castro leadership.

Garcia, who wrote, directed and stars in the film, says, "There have been festivals that wouldn't show it. That will continue to happen from people who don't want to see the image of Che be tarnished and from people who support the Castro regime. He still has a lot of supporters out there. Some people think Castro is a savior, that he looks out for the kids and the poor. It's a bunch of hogwash. In the 45 years since Castro came to power, Cuba has been in the top three countries for human rights abuses for 43 of those years. People turn a blind eye to his atrocities."
(emphasis added)

It is sad that the Left and lots of young people have turned Che Guevara and company into some kind of hero. He wasn't one. And he doesn't deserve adulation and glory.

Time Magazine even put him on their TIME 100 "Heroes & Icons" Leaders & Revolutionaries list in 2000. Oh, yes, he's right up there with Mother Theresa.

The truth is that Guevara (and Castro too) was quite against a lot of the things Libs stand for these days.

This article from Slate.com (!) gives us the truth:

The cult of Ernesto Che Guevara is an episode in the moral callousness of our time. Che was a totalitarian. He achieved nothing but disaster. Many of the early leaders of the Cuban Revolution favored a democratic or democratic-socialist direction for the new Cuba. But Che was a mainstay of the hardline pro-Soviet faction, and his faction won. Che presided over the Cuban Revolution's first firing squads. He founded Cuba's "labor camp" system—the system that was eventually employed to incarcerate gays, dissidents, and AIDS victims.
Hmmm, gays, dissidents, and AIDs "victims" are some of the Lefts favorite people. But, they don't seem to care when Commies like Che (or Islamo-fascists like the Taliban, Al Qaeda) brutalize, murder, and throw such people into prisons.
To get himself killed, and to get a lot of other people killed, was central to Che's imagination. In the famous essay in which he issued his ringing call for "two, three, many Vietnams," he also spoke about martyrdom and managed to compose a number of chilling phrases: "Hatred as an element of struggle; unbending hatred for the enemy, which pushes a human being beyond his natural limitations, making him into an effective, violent, selective, and cold-blooded killing machine. This is what our soldiers must become …"— and so on.
In college, I took an history class titled "Revolutions in Modern Latin America." We covered revolutions in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, and Cuba, among others.

We had to purchase (!) a book of Che's writing and then read some of it. (!---stands for "purchasing means capitalism, which commies don't like!" and from a Commie book store!) As the Slate article says, Che Guevara was responsible for all sorts of horrible things. He was no idealistic, innocent, make-the-world-a-better-place sort of man. He was all about killing those who did not fit with the Communist plan.

And the Left makes him out to be some sort of hero. It makes me ill to see teenagers wearing Che shirts or find various Che souvenirs. Do these people not realize that as a Communist, Che didn't believe in capitalism? Oh, the hypocrisy.

More about the movie here, here, and here.

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