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Monday, April 03, 2006

Baseball is here!

The long wait is over! The baseball season is finally here!

I'm a big baseball fan, so I'm very glad to have my favorite sport back. My team is the Seattle Mariners, though there are so many new people, I don't know them all.

You can find all the action at Major League Baseball's official page.

And, visit here and here and here.

AP: Bush pitches a self-described 'slow ball'---

Perhaps it was the pitching practice he got over the weekend or inspiration from the new baseball bat that outfielder Ken Griffey Jr. gave him. President Bush had lots of oomph in his arm to throw out a strong first pitch for the Cincinnati Reds' home opener.

Bush became the first sitting president to throw a ceremonial pitch in Cincinnati, as the Reds took on the Chicago Cubs. The ball was high and off the plate, but Bush called it "my best pitch, which was kind of a slow ball."

"Give me some tips," the president asked Reds pitcher David Weathers during a pre-game visit to the clubhouse.

Bush received a loud standing ovation when he took the mound in this Republican-leaning city. He was accompanied by two injured soldiers and a father who lost his son in Afghanistan.

Little American flags were distributed to the crowd of 42,000 before the game. Audience members waved them excitedly as Bush was introduced and drowned out the few scattered protesters, like the family sitting a few rows behind home plate wearing matching red-and-white T-shirts that said 11-04-08 - the date of the next presidential election.

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