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Sunday, March 12, 2006

What's so heroic about this?

Reuters: Schieffer a reluctant hero at CBS News---

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - When Bob Schieffer took over at the "CBS Evening News" a year ago tonight, it was supposed to be only a temporary assignment.

The CBS News veteran had long ago thought the route to the anchor chair was closed to him. He had been passed over in 1980 when CBS looked to replace Walter Cronkite, and Dan Rather spent 24 years in the job. Schieffer worked in Washington, anchored the weekend evening news and, beginning in 1993, moderated "Face the Nation."

So he was as surprised as anyone when CBS chief Leslie Moonves asked him to come to New York to right the ship after the "60 Minutes Wednesday" scandal and Rather's departure. But he did it, knowing his network needed him.

"We were in a deep hole, and I wanted to do what I could do about getting us out of that," said Schieffer, who turned 69 late last month. "It was more about CBS than it was about me at this point in my life."

Yet what all sides said would be a temporary assignment -- requiring Schieffer to anchor only six weeks -- turned into much, much longer. A year later, Schieffer is still in the chair. And it's an assignment that will stretch for the foreseeable future, until either Katie Couric or someone else becomes anchor.
Seriously, what is heroic about doing this job? Schieffer sits in a chair and reads from the teleprompter.