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Monday, February 20, 2006

President's Day!

Today is the day we usually celebrate President's Day.

But, should we be celebrating it? What is it exactly? Angel delves into these questions at Woman Honor Thyself.

And for the sake of (some) tradition, here are some sources on the Presidents. Because, really, what better day to do it?

Official White House Biographies here.

Information on speeches, writings, and biographies of all 43 Presidents here.

American Presidents Life Portraits: tour gravesites, watch videos, lesson plans, portraits, and more.

POTUS: Presidents of the United States includes background info, cabinet members, election results, events, links to historical documents, audio and video files, and links to Presidential websites.

President's Day Activities and here.


President's Day WebQuest

Presidents of the United States, which features many, many links, birth and death info, coins, family, debates, nicknames, pets, television and movies, religion, rankings, quotes, slogans, tax returns, campaign ads, speeches, addresses, and writings, and so much more.

The Federalist Society and the Wall Street Journal rank the Presidents here.

Miscellaneous Presidential Lists has some very interesting lists, including birthplaces, religions, pre-presidential jobs, and presidents related to earlier presidents.

Read biographies and vote for your favorite President here. Also includes Presidential firsts, fun things to do, campaign memorabillia, and more.

A great site full of President's Day information and links. Tons and tons of links.