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Thursday, January 26, 2006

More Good Work by Our Military

AP: Iraqi Baby Released From Atlanta Hospital---

ATLANTA - An Iraqi baby recovering from spinal surgery arranged by U.S. troops in her homeland was released from the hospital Thursday.

Doctors at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta had been monitoring Noor al-Zahra after inserting a tube to drain fluid from her back last week. The hospital said in a statement that she was in good condition and was expected to return for a checkup next week.

Baby Noor, who is 4 months old, has spina bifida, in which the backbone and spinal cord do not close before birth. She had surgery Jan. 9 to position the cord properly, then returned to the hospital on Jan. 18 after what doctors said was a minor fluid buildup. She will need at least two more operations before she is well enough to return home.

U.S. troops found Noor during a raid in December and noticed her paralysis and a growth on her back caused by the birth defect. The soldiers contacted U.S. physicians, who agreed to treat her. Noor, who likely would have died without treatment, probably will remain paraplegic, but doctors hope she will be otherwise normal.