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Friday, January 13, 2006

Give it up!

AP: Democrats May Delay Alito Nomination Vote---

WASHINGTON - Democrats confirmed Friday that they will make a last-ditch attempt to slow Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito's momentum by delaying the first vote on his candidacy.

Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., said in the waning minutes of Alito's confirmation hearing that unnamed Democrats will "exercise their rights" to put off next week's scheduled Alito vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

That vote would have been Republicans' first chance to officially endorse President Bush's pick to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. All ten GOP Judiciary Committee members have already announced their support for Alito, a 55-year-old federal appeals judge, former federal prosecutor and Reagan administration lawyer.

The White House on Friday heaped praise on Alito, with spokesman Scott McClellan saying the proceedings showed Americans a man who's "brilliant, honorable and decent, open-minded and fair."

But Democrats say they won't be ready Tuesday to vote on his nomination, since Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid of Nevada has called on party members to hold off making a decision until after a Wednesday meeting.


Reid "feels that since this is a lifetime appointment, senators deserve the time to carefully judge his qualifications before they cast their vote," said his spokesman, Jim Manley.
Where was Reid when Ginsburg was nominated? He should have said this then. But, of course, Reid would never say this about a Liberal nominee. He thinks such a person ought to be made dictator of the United States.

The announcement triggered a quick response from Majority Leader Bill Frist, who said he will cancel a scheduled Senate vacation "if Democrats delay final action past January 20th."

"When it comes to any delay in Judge Alito's nomination, a Justice delayed will not be a Justice denied," the Tennessee Republican said in a statement issued after he and Reid met to discuss the issue.
Glad to see Frist is on the job. He needs to do an absolute lot more of this. I hope he follows through on this. The whole thing has taken long enough.