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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Why was no one guarding the museum!?!?

Reuters: Historic battlefield fights Katrina damage---

NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - Gen. Andrew Jackson repelled the British at the Battle of New Orleans in 1815, but the siege of Hurricane Katrina proved too much for the battlefield site commemorating the American victory.

The flooding that followed the August 29 storm was high in Chalmette, just south of New Orleans, where Jackson won a lopsided battle over battle-hardened British troops at the end of the War of 1812.

"We took the storm surge," said David Muth, chief of resource management at Jean Lafitte National Historical Park, who estimates damage to the now-shuttered historic site at over $1.5 million. "The museum displays were hopelessly ruined."

Katrina blew scaffolding into a marble obelisk, damaging a commemorative structure that Jackson dedicated after the war.

The deep flooding also uncovered some remains in a Civil War-era national cemetery that honors soldiers who died on both sides of that conflict, Muth said.

Archeologists have been brought in to aid at the cemetery, which sits near position of the British artillery during the Battle of New Orleans. "At some point, the remains will be reinterred," Muth said.

A park visitor center that took over six feet of water had to be razed. Battle-era relics, including cannonballs and swords have been sent off for restoration work. "All that is going to be OK," Muth said. "We got it out pretty quickly."
I'm surprised all the Libs aren't out shouting about the damage to historical artifacts like they were (wrongly) after the War in Iraq.

Oh, wait, they don't care because this museum honored an AMERICAN victory, by an American President. They save their outrage for things that affect everyone else in the world.