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"Jane was firm where she felt herself to be right." -Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Monday, November 14, 2005

Double Standards

Whenever a Liberal says things about the President, he is merely criticizing or exercising his Constitutional right to free speech or discussing or expressing himself.

Yet, when the President defends himself and his policies, the media makes it sound as though he is calling his critics liars and losers and murderers and all the rest (wait, those are things the Libs call the President).

What a nice double standard the MSM practices.

AP: Bush Takes Fresh Shot at Iraq War Critics---

ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE - President Bush, heading to Asia with hopes of improving his image on the world stage, hurled a parting shot at Iraq war critics on Monday, accusing some Democrats of "sending mixed signals to our troops and the enemy."

"That is irresponsible," Bush said in prepared remarks he planned to deliver to U.S. forces during a refueling stop in Alaska. Excerpts from the remarks were released by the White House as Bush flew to Elemendorf Air Force Base on the initial leg of an eight-day journey to Japan, South Korea, China and Mongolia.

"Reasonable people can disagree about the conduct of the war, but it is irresponsible for Democrats to now claim that we misled them and the American people," Bush said in his prepared remarks.

"Only one person manipulated evidence and misled the world — and that person was Saddam Hussein," Bush added.
President Bush needs to continue defending himself in this way. His lack of self-defense for the past five years has allowed Liberals to get away with all sorts of lies and misrepresentations.

This is especially important as these same Liberals said the same sorts of things about Saddam Hussein and Iraq throughout the Clinton administration and then voted to go to war (before they voted against it, of course).

Keep it up, Mr. President.