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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Things That Should Have Been Tried 13 Days Ago

AP: Rioting Begins to Slack Off in France---

PARIS - The French Riviera cities of Nice and Cannes, best known for glitz and film festivals that attract Hollywood stars, were among areas that imposed curfews for minors Wednesday even as rioting abated.

The government toughened its stance against those involved in France's worst civil unrest since its 1968 student riots. Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy said local officials have been told to deport the 120 foreigners convicted so far for their roles in the violence.

Although rioting persisted in some places for a 13th night, car burnings fell by nearly half and reports of violence dropped. Nonetheless, looters and vandals defied a state of emergency imposed by the government Tuesday, with attacks on superstores in northern France and a newspaper warehouse and a subway station in the south.

New arson attacks broke out Wednesday evening in the southern city of Toulouse, which was hit earlier this week. Vandals set four cars ablaze and rammed a burning car into a primary school, damaging its entrance, the local government said.

The 12-day state of emergency went into effect at midnight Tuesday. For much of France — including Paris — it had no perceptible effect. That such extraordinary measures were needed, however, has fueled national introspection about the country's failure to integrate its African and Muslim minorities — seen as a key reason behind the rioting.

The decree paved the way for possible curfews in Paris, the surrounding communities, and more than 30 other cities and towns nationwide if officials feel they are needed. By Wednesday evening, only a few municipalities and regions imposed them; Paris had not.