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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

It's Ok to Kill Your Kids . . .

. . . as long as you are insane or it is for convenience.

Fox News: New Trial Likely in Yates Case; Lawyer Rejects Plea Deal Option---

HOUSTON — Andrea Yates, the Texas woman who drowned her five young children four years ago, will likely get a new trial, prosecutors said. But a plea deal "isn't an option," according to her defense attorney.

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals on Wednesday declined to interfere with a lower court's decision to overturn her convictions, letting that decision stand. Yates had been convicted of murder in 2002, and the First Court of Appeals in Texas overturned the convictions in January after finding a key witness gave false testimony.

Harris County Assistant District Attorney Alan Curry said he would seek a new trial or consider a plea bargain — the latter option being highly unlikely.

"Andrea Yates knew precisely what she was doing," Curry said. "She knew that it was wrong."

Yates' attorney, George Parnham, told a press conference Wednesday that not a day goes by where his severely mentally ill client doesn't feel remorse about what she did to her children.
I don't care if she's found to be the most severely mentally ill person in the history of the world, Andrea Yates drowned her own children, one by one by one by one by one.

They ought to hold her head underwater for a few minutes every day just so she can feel what her poor babies felt as she murdered them.

What a wicked woman. I hope she rots in Hell.